After being announced as headliners for this year’s Groovin The Moo Festival, everyone’s favourite British heartbreakers, The Wombats decided to treat us with some sideshows. Coinciding with the 10 year anniversary of the boys’ first album, these sideshows were a chance to party and play songs from A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation that hadn’t been played live in as long as 10 years. After the initial shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth all sold out almost immediately, The Wombats finally announced a Brisbane show. To be supported by fellow Groovin The Moo’ers Milky Chance and The Jungle Giants.

Newcomer Jack River opened up the show, her smooth voice perfectly fitting the beautiful sunset setting over the Riverstage, the venue and vibes reminiscent of a Splendour or Falls set. The Jungle Giants came on next, rising to the occasion as it was the locals’ first time performing at the iconic location. It was “a beautiful night on the brown snake” as lead singer Sam noted. The Jungle Giants played a couple of their new electronic-style songs, mixed in with their classics that everyone was singing along to.

Milky Chance were then ready to start the show. The boys brought on an impressive stage setup with rainbow coloured lights shining onto the crowd. With their new album being released in March earlier this year, the band mainly focused on playing songs from Blossom, but also played a few classics such as Loveland, Sadnecessary, Fairytale, and of course, Stolen Dance. Milky Chance brought an incredible energy onto the stage which may have possibly outshone that of The Wombats, with the Germans’ hilariously adorable dance routines.

Finally, after what felt like a mini festival, it was time for The Wombats to come on stage. Their first time back in Brisbane in six years! Towards the end of their set, lead singer Murph thanked everyone for commenting and messaging asking for a Brisbane show, as it “proved a point to the assholes who try and control our lives”. Hopefully the power of overly excited fans can bring the boys back quicker next time.

The Wombats also had impressive lighting and stage decor, including a plush wombat! The band played an incredible mixture of songs from all three of their albums, playing nearly every song from their first album. The crowd danced (and cried) along to classics such as Here Comes The Anxiety, Lost in the Post and Kill The Director. Considering most of these songs hadn’t been played in years, the boys did an incredible job of playing them, and the crowd did an incredible job of singing along.

After going backstage for what seemed like an eternity, The Wombats returned for a three song encore. Murph began with a heartbreaking acoustic performance of Isabel, which had everyone waving their lighters and camera phones in the air. Dan and Tord then joined him for crowd favourites Greek Tragedy and Let’s Dance to Joy Division, which were accompanied with an explosion of white confetti which made it look like it was snowing in Brisbane. Christmas really had come early for us. Overall, an extremely nostalgic and unforgettable night.

Jack River:
Instagram: @jack_river

The Jungle Giants:
Instagram: @thejunglegiants

Milky Chance:
Instagram: @milkychance_official

The Wombats:
Instagram: @wombatsofficial


Top image sourced from The Wombat’s facebook page

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