It’s been (a little over) 10 years since The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus released their now iconic album Don’t You Fake It. As you may or may not know, the band decided on an anniversary tour to celebrate, in which they would play Don’t You Fake It in full, from start to finish – the way that it was recorded. I was lucky enough to attend the sold-out Sydney leg of the tour on Saturday night (the 6th of May) at the Manning Bar.

To say I’ve been a long time fan of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus & that I’d been hanging out for them to bring this particular tour to Australia would be an understatement. As a thirteen year old, i adored everything about them as a band, and Don’t You Fake It was basically the only thing I listened to on my iPod nano in 2007. Saturday night was my 2nd time seeing them live (the first time being Soundwave 2009), and in a nutshell, they are just as outstanding live performers now as they were then.

Kicking off their set with the first song off the album titled In Fate’s Hands, you could tell this was a crowd that was no stranger to the 2006 release. People sung word for word along with frontman Ronnie Winter, whose vocal capacity still seemed to be that of what it was 10 years ago. Powering through to fan favourites False Pretense & Face Down, there didn’t seem to be a  person in sight who didn’t seem to be enjoying themselves, band members included.


Guitarist Josh Burke wowed the crowd with numerous added guitar solos throughout the set, adding a bit of extra un-heard excitement to the album the audience clearly knew and loved. Vocalist Ronnie Winter didn’t miss a beat, all the way through the the high notes you’ve probably tried to sing along to in your car in Your Gaurdian Angel. Standout songs for me personally were tracks that are more on the heavier side of the album such as Atrophy and Justify, in which we got to see backing vocalist & guitar player Randy Winter really shine & passionately throw himself into songs.

Unlike other bands within their genre, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus aren’t a band who get rowdy on stage and throw around their instruments for the audience’s entertainment, but they are a band who clearly still love what they do and appreciate their fans. There is a reason this tour is almost sold out country wide, and if you’re heading along to one of the other Australian dates & love Don’t You Fake It as much as I do, I can guarantee you’re going to have a good time and leave the venue loving The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus more than you did going in.

Remaining tickets for Melbourne & Perth are available here. Make sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay up to date with everything they have going on in the future.



Article & Photos by: Sarah Taylor



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