Twangy guitars and funky bass are a couple of the things you’re in for if you’re wanting to listen to San Cisco’s new album. Titled ‘The Water’, this is the indie-pop band’s third studio album, after 2015’s ‘Gracetown’. The band teased the album all over social media leading up to its release and announced a nation-wide tour early last month.

‘The Water’ features 12 tracks including last year’s singles, ‘SloMo’ and ‘Hey Did I Do You Wrong?’ (released October 2016 and March 2017 respectively). The record was written and produced by the band members as well as producer Steve Schram, who produced the band’s previous albums.


The Fremantle quartet presents a cohesive collection of songs and maintainins their bright energy and enthusiasm throughout. Some tracks, such as album-name track ‘The Water’ and closing track ‘Make Me Electrify’ lean more toward an electro-pop sound – perhaps a sign of the band’s sonic growth from previous works and a snapshot of the direction they may go in the future.

San Cisco throws back to a previous era in time with its sound in ‘The Water’. It’s reminiscent of disco days; the second ‘Sunrise’ begins, I struggle to imagine anything other than masses of people skating around a colourfully lit roller-rink. The same goes for up-tempo ‘Did You Get What You Came For’. They’re stand-outs in a track list of stand-outs.

‘The Water’ is full of songs you find yourself singing along to without actually noticing. Two years seems to have been the perfect amount of time to develop this record and craft it in a way that is still easily identifiable with the band’s older music but also takes a step to branch out into a new realm of sound.

San Cisco are travelling the country May through July with special guest Thelma Plum. Click here to purchase tickets and find out more.


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Images courtesy of Morse Code PR

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