Hailing from Adelaide, now LA Living via a stint in Melbourne, Tom Gaynor (aka Allday) released his much-anticipated sophomore album Speeding last Friday, and boy! Is it everything we had hoped for and more. Speeding encases everything that is unique about Allday, particularly the fact that he has never been one to conform to the clichés of Australian hip hop.

Recorded in a number of studios across Melbourne, New York & Los Angeles, featuring collaborations with artists such as Japanese Wallpaper, Nyne, Gracelands and Brisbane rap princess Mallrat, Speeding captures the roller-coaster that has been Allday’s life for the past few years.


Let me start off by saying prior to the release of this album – I was an already a massive Allday fan. But have I loved everything he has put out from start to finish like I do Speeding? No.

Speeding is an emotive record which captures Tom better than any of his previous releases have. Whether he intended to let us all into his personal life as much as he did is questionable, but regardless, it made for a fantastic album.

From the first bars of the opening song First Light, it is evident to anyone listening that Allday has matured both musically and personally since his previous album ‘Startup Cult’. His effortless sounding flow mixed with the emotions you can literally feel throughout the entire album make the 3 year wait seem so much more worth it.

One of the key factors about Speeding that makes it such an overall outstanding record is that it is versatile. Songs such as 10 Drinks, Codeine 17 and Spill my Blood, give you those ‘walking home in the dark from a party you didn’t even want to attend’ sort of feels, whereas others such as the first released single from the album ‘Sides’ along with ‘North Melbourne’ and (my personal favourite track) ‘No Saint’ add a refreshing upbeat feel to the album.

Speeding is the perfect example of pop-driven songs meeting well calculated raps. Even if you think you’re not an Allday fan I suggest giving Speeding a spin. You might be pleasantly surprised.


You can listen to Speeding on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes.

Make sure to follow Allday on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date with everything he has going on!

Allday is heading on tour this July! Check out the dates below. Tickets are available here.


Written by: Sarah Taylor


All images sourced from Allday’s Facebook page:

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