This morning from bleak old Bathurst, NSW I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat over the phone with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus vocalist Ronnie Winter all the way from sunny California. We chatted about their upcoming Australian tour, why the band loves coming to Australia so much & whole bunch of other things. Check out the full interview below!



Hey Ronnie! I hope you’re doing well. Let’s start off with a basic one, where did you guys get the idea for the ‘Don’t you Fake it’ 10 year anniversary tour? 

I’m doing well! I would love to say that it was our idea but that would be a lie, there was some other bands that we really liked such as The Used, Fall Out Boy & a couple of other bands in our genre that were doing it, so we realised that maybe we should try it, so I guess you could say we just jumped on the bandwagon.


So you’ve been doing the ‘Don’t you Fake it’ anniversary tour for a while now, would you say the fans are responding well?

Yeah! I don’t think I could honestly ask for a better response. We’ve done international shows & we’ve done US shows, all of them have been good and we haven’t gotten any complaints which is really rare & a good thing. Everyone seems to be loving it.


Can fans expect to see any other songs on this tour apart from ones from ‘Don’t you Fake it’ or is the tour solely dedicated to playing the album in full?

We’re not really going to be play anything additional, sometimes if it’s a sold-out crowd & they’re really just going nuts & crazy we might add an extra song, but essentially, we’re only here to play the album from the beginning to the end the way we recorded it, that’s the whole vibe.



“people will come and see us not just because we’re the cool band at the moment, but because they genuinely like our music, which makes a big difference to artists like us”

What’s been your favourite song off ‘Don’t you Fake it’ to play on this tour?

 If I had to choose I would probably the say the first song off the album which is called ‘In Fate’s Hands’. It’s just a lot of fun!


So you guys have toured Australia a couple of times in the past, I notice a lot of bands saying they get excited to come here, are you guys in the same mindset?

 Yes, definitely! We’ve been to Australia quite a few times, every time we’ve been there it’s been good & we have a very good history over there when it comes to the shows. There’s always a lot of kids there having a lot of fun and not just standing there staring at each other. That’s what happens everytime we’ve come there; the kids have had fun, so you know that’s really all we care about – that people have a good time.

That’s why bands like to tour because they hope that people will come to the shows and have fun, and in some places, they do and some places they don’t but definitely in our experience, kids in Australia like to rock out, move around, sing along, clap their hands and that’s what we like to see. We know we have fans there who like our music – people will come and see us not just because we’re the cool band at the moment, but because they genuinely like our music, which makes a big difference to artists like us.


I feel like we’re a lot more appreciative, simply because we don’t get as many acts coming down here as other countries such as America.

 Precisely, and you know what, it actually makes it better for the artists who do show up because if you’re playing in front of a crowd of maybe 1000 people and they’re just standing there staring at you, you’d rather play in front of 200 people that are having a good time.


Did you guys ever think when you recorded & released ‘Don’t you Fake it’ that you’d have the chance to tour it word wide a little over 10 years later and still have such an interest and demand for it from your fans?

 I would be lying if I said I hadn’t hoped that would be the case, we worked really hard on that record as we do on all of our albums, and we’ve had a lot of success on more than one album, but with this one in particular with it being our first, it’s always going to be special to me. So like I said, I’d hoped that people would still like it, and they do, and that’s fantastic but as long as we’re still alive and people still care we’ll let it rip.


Okay so to wrap things up, what are your plans for once this tour is done? Any plans for a new album?

 Yes actually, my wife Angela and I have just had a baby who is now 6 months old, so we’ve been pretty busy with that, but she’s also scored a movie soundtrack so when we get back she’s going to be finishing that and then she & I are co-producing the new Red Jumpsuit Apparatus album which is called ‘The Awakening’ right after this tour, as a matter of a fact we’re starting that the day after we land.


Don’t forget to catch the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on their upcoming Australia tour. Tickets are available here and will sell out soon so make sure you get yours ASAP!


You can follow the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on:

Twitter: @RedJumpsuit
Instagram: @RedJumpsuit


Written by: Sarah Taylor


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