If you haven’t heard of Client Liaison, I suggest you sit down, look them up on Spotify & let their musical goodness invade your ears (Think 80’s disco-pop music with a modern twist).

I was lucky enough to be able to see Client Liaison live & in all of their glory on Friday night at the Enmore Theatre as a part of their Diplomatic Immunity tour. Long story short? Client Liaison are a unique act whom you need to experience yourself to even come close to understanding how good they really are.

Dressed in matching suits with an office-like stage setup that featured giant water coolers & old school computers, Client Liaison kicked off their show off with the opening song from their album ‘Canberra Won’t be Calling Tonight’. It was clear from the first note of that song all the way through to the end of their encore, the guys had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. Lead singer Monte Morgan is nothing short of a showman, with at least 3 outfit changes mixed with his unique dance moves (think gyrating hips & really high jumps into the air) and an extensive vocal range captivating the entire theatre for their full 90 minute set. Full credit can’t be given to Morgan though, with co-founder Harvey Miller perched up above the rest of the band delivering an equally stunning performance, joined by his brother Georgie on guitar and Triple J Hack’s Tom Tilley and his passionate bass playing drawing a lot of attention as well.

The overall euphoric atmosphere the band provided didn’t dull at all throughout the night, whether it was the full carton of Foster’s Beer that they handed out to the audience or simply the bands talent and energy, looking left & right all I could see was people enjoying themselves, dancing and belting out lyrics to other songs like ‘Wild Life‘, ‘Feeling‘, ‘That’s Desire‘, ‘Hotel Stay‘ & ‘Off White Limousine‘.

Leaving the stage to a crowd still begging for more, Client Liaison returned to belt out their classic hit ‘Queen‘ followed by the ever so catchy ‘World of Our Love‘, both of which saw the entire crowd, all the way up to the back of the balcony, up out of their seats and dancing like they were at a high school disco set in the 80’s.

In my opinion, Client Liaison are exactly what the Australian music scene need right now. They are an infectious breath of fresh air compared to other acts we’ve seen emerge lately, and definitely someone you need to add to your bucket list of bands to experience live.

Photo source: Client Liaison’s Facebook Page:


You can check out Client Liaison on:

Twitter: @ClientLiaison
Instagram: @ClientLiaison

Written by: Sarah Taylor



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