Still getting over Unify Gathering 2017? Well strap in and get planning because the dates for the 2018 festival have landed!

A statement from the festival organisers earlier in the week has revealed that you can be set to pack your bags for Friday the 12th, Saturday the 13th & Sunday the 14th of April.

The organisers have also stated that after a survey completed by 2017 ticket holders, some changes will be made although the format, venue & number of tickets available will remain the same.

Organisers will be looking into making changes to campsites including allowing an area for people who either don’t drink or just enjoy sleeping of a night, as well as increased police & security presence.

There will also more toilets & more shade, as well as a review of the entry/exit system to try and reduce traffic congestion coming in and out of the festival.

16178565_1529965673684548_1749283497669414679_oPhoto Credit: Kanye Lens//The Art Of Capture

You can read the whole statement that was posted on their facebook below:

UNIFY 2017 is over, and we have now started to plan for UNIFY 2018, which will return next year on January 12 – 14. Next year a few things will remain the same including the format, site and the number of tickets available.

However, based on the survey we did for 2017 ticket holders, we wanted to let you know that we’ve listened to your feedback and have started to investigate implementing some changes to our event based on what you have told us. Everything about this festival is us trying to put together the best experience possible for everyone that attends, and we’d like to think that every year we make the right adjustments is another step closer to making this the perfect festival.

All in all, of the people who responded, the feedback was incredibly positive. 97% of people said they would come back to the festival regardless of the lineup, while 88% of punters were satisfied with Unify 2017 and feel there is no need for improvements.

By asking our punters to not hold back and giving them an open forum to tell us everything they think we can improve on, we have come up with this list below of things to work on.

Thank you all so much for your feedback. UNIFY 2017 was absolutely thrilling to be a part of and we can’t wait to do it all again next January. Now, we’re off to start booking the lineup!

Next year we will look into having separate camping areas for people who wish to get a little more sleep, and for people who don’t drink. We’ll also have an increased police and security presence throughout the campsite, and support staff will walk the grounds ready to talk to people about anything they’d like to chat about. While most people felt safe at UNIFY, we know that seeing friendly faces around the event will help reassure everyone that their campsite is safe while they check out the bands. We are also going to assess ways to make the campsite more organised and find options for pre-made tents and campsites for those who want it.

In 2018, we will have more toilets, separate female and male bathroom areas, more showers and will employ more cleaners to make your bathroom experience as fresh as possible.

We are currently reviewing different options to increase the flow of traffic entering the site on the Friday with a goal to make it as easy as possible for people to get on site. In addition to this we investigating more buses and carpooling apps so there is less traffic coming into Tarwin Lower.

There will be a much greater police presence at UNIFY 2018. The local police are friends of ours, and are huge supporters of UNIFY. We want to have them onsite as much as possible to make sure everyone feels safe. As mentioned, we will have support staff, as well as information guides wearing uniforms and patrolling the site so you always have someone to talk to about anything you need to know.

We increased the shade at UNIFY 2017, but this time around we’re exploring even more shade in the main arena and in particular around the food carts.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2018!


Make sure to like Unify Gathering’s Facebook here for future updates.


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